Welcome to my website!

I am Martin Elff, a political scientist with research interests in political behaviour, comparative politics, political sociology, and political methodology.

On this website you can get more information about me, on my publications, on my current research activities. You will also find pages on the several R packages I created. Finally you can get a quick overview of my courses I taught at various institutions.

Below you find a collection of blog posts I wrote over the years. They are mostly announcements of research presentations, publications, working papers, and software package updates. In the future I might also post some thoughts that I would like to discuss, but that not might get into academic journals or working papers. Most of the dates of the posts are the dates when they were published. Some of the dates are ficticious however, in so far as they do not indicate the date when I put them on my website but rather the date when the relevant presentation was made or the paper was published.