R package ‘memisc’

The R package memisc, which is available at CRAN, provides tools for the management of survey data, graphics, statistics and simulation. The version published on CRAN is available here. HTML manual pages created with knitr can be found here.

One of the facilities that the package provides is the for the creation of (nearly) publication-ready tables of estimates. One example can be found on a separate page. In addition to formatted output of estimates memisc also assist in conducting simulation experiments. An example is given on a page on the function Simulate. Another utility function contained in the memisc package is Termplot which is an enhanced version of the standard R function termplot. Termplot allows to ‘compare’ the fit of different models. An example can be found on a seperate page. More examples for the use of the package are given in the package vignette.

Although it is handy to have a lot of functionality collected into one package, such a package also creates its own challenges for maintenance. For this reason I am splitting up the package in several smaller ones that will (hopefully) eventually make it to CRAN. The current stage of this transition can be seen at r-forge and the packages can be downloaded from here.

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